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Claveles newsletter summer 2021.pdf

Issue 5 Summer 2021 newsletter
now published


50% discount further information

The decision to offer 50% discount for lost weeks - update

You should shortly be receiving a letter from me which confirms that savings for the community made by WimPen have enabled me to negotiate a 50% discount for owners who have lost their weeks, which is more generous than most other resorts. The actual savings made at Los Claveles through having staff furloughed and other savings represent approx 33.5% of maintenance fees paid and WimPen’s initial offer was for a 35% discount

However, I was concerned about the financial hardship many owners were facing and I didn’t want owners to wait until next year to receive a discount. So after long discussions, I was able to agree a discount of 50%, payable now and back dated to 14 March.

Extra weeks not an option

I also discussed the possibility of allowing owners to have extra weeks. I had hoped this would be possible, however it became clear this could not be an option and I know some owners will be disappointed by this. Even if the emergency ends in Mid June, there would be over 1063 weeks lost, and of course there will be more if the pandemic and emergency regulations, including travel restrictions, go on longer, which they probably will.

There would simply not be enough weeks available and more importantly, we will need rental income next year from as many available weeks as possible to recover our finances.

How much should you pay now?

It may take a while for Wimpen to apply credit to owners accounts, but if your maintenance is due in the next few weeks, I confirm you can deduct the 50% discount when you pay. Your Community account will be credited in due course.

If the resort remains closed by the time your weeks are due, you will only pay this year the 50% of the maintenance fee.

If you don't pay this year, your discount will not be backdated next year.

Owners who have already paid in full but have lost their weeks will receive a 50% discount credited to their account in due course.

If all restrictions have been removed and you can use your weeks, the remaining 50% will have to be paid by transfer or at the reception upon arrival.

Please note, it remains an obligation for owners to pay their maintenance for their ownership, even if they can't use their week

This discount is NOT available to those owners who pay their maintenance fee to Club Los Claveles. Maintenance should only be paid to the Community Account managed on our behalf by Wimpen.

I hope this helps. Please stay safe