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Claveles newsletter summer 2021.pdf

Issue 5 Summer 2021 newsletter
now published

Covid-19 Update:
the current situation 14th Jan 2021

As you are all probably aware, our difficulties continue. Spain have now closed borders to UK and some other arrivals, this is on top of the UK full lockdown and travel restrictions. So currently there are no new Uk arrivals at Los Claveles. More advice is available at

1. Rentals

Rentals are being advertised in other European countries and we have a handful of rental bookings, but otherwise, most advance rental bookings are being cancelled. The loss of rental income is going to have a significant impact, but to minimise the effect, more staff have now been put on Erte (furlough).

2. Maintenance discount for owners unable to occupy

At week 11, we will have been giving 50% discount to owners who were unable to occupy for a full year, so all owners who were entitled will have received this benefit. The discount is not shown on your invoice, but is automatically credited to your Owner’s Community Account a few weeks after your due occupation date if your villa was not occupied.

However, I want to remind you that after week 11 we cannot afford to use any more of our funds, so from week 12, the discount arrangement will cease. From that date owners will be asked to pay the full maintenance rate, regardless of any travel restrictions that may remain in place at that time. Hopefully they will have been lifted

I appeal to owners to please pay your fees by the due date to keep our resort secure and ensure the long term financial viability of Los Claveles.

3. The Bar Franchise

With regard to the bar franchise, I have agreed they should receive 100% discount on their rent, to be reviewed at the end of February. The team have done a marvellous job to keep things going, but clearly they will have little business, if any, at the present time.

I trust you are all keeping well and safe. Hopefully things will improve now that vaccinations are being rolled out, although there is still no news whether vaccinations alone will ease the travel restriction. At present a Covid negative test is required both for travel to Lanzarote and will probably be required for return to the UK, to be confirmed.

There are constant changes and I will do my best to keep you updated, so please watch this space.

With best wishes to everyone



Roger Barrow
Los Claveles Development Owners’ Association