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Interesting email from Timeshare Consumer Association

Dear Roger,

I write in connection to your web page in relation to maintenance fee refunds at Los Claveles. In brief, TCA has been established for over 23 years and its sole raison d'être is to assist timeshare owners and those with other long term associated products who experience problems with their ownership especially information on fraudulent claims and exit companies. Since the impact of Covid-19 a common thread amongst enquirers has been around the subject of 2020 maintenance fees and the inability to use their allocated weeks/points.

TCA carried out a survey relating to maintenance with the overwhelming consensus that resorts or management groups should refund at least some of the fees paid given that holidays have been lost. As I am sure you will appreciate, the large groups are standing firm and offering little or no support to owners so it came as a pleasant surprise to see the stance at Wimpen – Los Claveles. We have heard from another owner at El Marques, Wimpen/Ona who are offering a 35% discount.

Our question is whether these offers are instigated by Wimpen, Ona or the individual owners committee, either way it is a refreshing change from the general zero help experienced so far.

We are in the process of producing an article for publication on our website and would like to include information on the facts as published on your site. We produced an earlier generic article see: and would now like to follow up with a more specific update. As per the privacy comment on your site I thought it only right and proper to request your permission.

Within the industry it is so difficult to find the good guys so when we do we would like to share the information.

I await your reply and if in the meantime you wish to call me, please feel free to do so.

Kind Regards,

Keith G Dewhurst – Managing Director.