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Issue 5 Summer 2021 newsletter
now published

Latest News

7 September 2021

Looking to rent  extra weeks or to let your weeks? Find out more . . .

02 August 2021

Discount scheme to be extended to week 35

16 July 2021

RIGHT OF REPLY Tony Burford responds to the Committee’s response to his posting regarding the Club Chairman’s duplicity

14 July 2021

An amnesty is possible for owners who pay the club. Read more . . . .

10 July 2021

Where does your Maintenance money go?  Read more . .

21 June 2021

Summer 2021 Newsletter now published

8 June 2021

REVEALED: The Club Chairman’s duplicity in his recent letters

12 May 2021

STOP PRESS: discount scheme to be extended at rate of 30%

20 March 2021

How to pay maintenances fees, Online, Bank Transfer or Phone

13 March 2021

Are you concerned about recent demands and letter sent by the Club Chairman? Read more . .

01 March 2021

Beware invoices from Club Los Claveles

17 Feb 2021

Closedown weeks 18 and 19 will be available for rental. More . .

21 Jan 2021

Weekly timeshare dates 2022 for those planning for next year

14 January 2021

Covid-19 Update 14 Jan 2021

21 December 2020

Response to the inaccurate posting on owners website that WimPen must pay the club £125,000

18 December 2020

2019 Accounts and 2020 Interim Accounts now available

5th August 2020

Peter Mason, Escritura rep stands down.
Keith Lear to step in as temporary acting Owners’ Rep

27 July 2020

We are the ‘Good Guys’ email from the Timeshare Consumer Association

08 July 2020

Petition against Mr Barrow and Sr Castro on Owners website - the RESULT

29 June 2020

Here is why you should join us on Facebook

26 June 2020

Swimming pool upgrade now finished

17 June 2020

Summer Newsletter now published

17 June 2020

Letter from Sr Castro now in the post to owners

10 June 2020

Covis-19 Update Reopening plans at Los Claveles

15 May 2020

Covid-19 update. Arrangmrents for obitaining 50% credit

6 May 2020

Resort status report from the Resort Manager

01 May 2020

Don’t be confused by copykat invoices from the club

25 April 2020

Further information on the maintenance fee 50% discount

17 April 2020

Helping owners who have paid but lost their weeks

7th April 2020

Resort status report from Resort manager 7 April 2020

31 March 2020

DOA Response to letter sent to all owners by Club Chairman

20 March 2020

15 March 2020

CORONAVIRUS: Latest from Los Claveles

12 March 2020

DOA Escritura AGM 2020 suspended due to Covid-19 alert

7th February 2020

Franchisees resign after just 4 months.  new Franchisees appointed

7th February 2020

Provincial court in Arona dismisses Club's legal challenge againt Wimpen for collecting maintenance payments

12 July 2019

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May 2019

Major close down works, refurbish of bars and restaurant, disabled access and new play area floor. Details and photos here

5 May 2019

Proposal to improve access to studios - consultation

5 May 2019

Development Owners Association and Timeshare Community AGM

1 March 2019

Letter from President sent to all owners and club members

1 November 2018

 Replacement vanity units installed in bathrooms

17 September 2018

DOA News bulletin No 1

  • Rental reservations have moved - New Contact details here
  • The Showhouse - latest photos
  • Minimarket now better than ever

16 September 2018

The Show House - latest photos

1 June 2018

The proposed refurbishment

1 June 2018

Summer 3 2018 Newlstter publishee